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All in One IT Company

Energreen Solutions Africa empowers small businesses with innovative IT solutions. Our focus on cutting-edge technology, personalized support, and affordable pricing ensures businesses thrive in the digital era. Join us in leading digital transformation and driving economic growth across Africa.

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Our Method

We make ''IT'' Simple

Our remote assess, optimize, and management process simplifies IT operations by leveraging advanced tools and expert support, ensuring seamless functionality and efficiency for businesses, regardless of location.

We Assess

We start by taking a good look at your network and provide you with a clear service proposal based on your needs.

We Optimize

We thoroughly clean up and document your computer network so that we can manage and support it efficiently.

Manage & Support

We install our remote support software and take over responsibility for managing your computer infrastructure.

 Security & Training

We ensure robust security measures through comprehensive assessments, proactive optimizations, and Human Resource Training, 

Our Services

All-in-One IT Department for
Growing StartUps

Cyber Security & Human Risk Management
Our comprehensive security solution covers endpoint, cloud, mobile, and email security, along with dark web monitoring, Cyber security Training. 

IT Optimization & Infrastructure Management

We continually optimize operations by swiftly conducting remote IT management, assessments, minimizing disruption to company activities. 

Fixed Business LTE

With our managed LTE infrastructure, we offer affordable fixed solutions, allowing SMEs to focus on work while we handle the entire network infrastructure, ensuring reliable connectivity at a lower cost.

Proactive IT Support

Through continuous monitoring and predictive analytics, we proactively identify and address issues remotely before they escalate.

Cloud PBX & Call Centre

We cut your calling costs and enhance your customer communication through advanced VoIP technology and customizable features.

Access Control & Surveillance

Our integrated video surveillance, intercom, and PBX system fortify business security, offering real-time monitoring and efficient response security.

Managed Print Services

Our managed print services offer small businesses access to printers without upfront investment, handling all maintenance and supply needs.

 Solar As a service

We empower small companies to combat load shedding by offering rental options for our reliable and affordable solar solutions, ensuring uninterrupted operations and reducing reliance on traditional power grids.

Our Vision

Empowering Startup Growth

Possibilities are Infinite!

Discover how Jollof Special restaurant realized infinite possibilities through our partnership. Overcoming financial barriers, they gained access to affordable IT solutions, including printer rentals and comprehensive support, revolutionizing their operations and achieving unprecedented success.

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Think outside the Box!

Ebenezerama, a furniture startup, embraced digital transformation with our guidance, showcasing products online and expanding from local to national reach in South Africa. Leveraging our affordable IT solutions, they captured a broader audience, establishing themselves as a leading furniture brand in the country..

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Invent the future with us!

Parenteen in South Africa revolutionized family dynamics by leveraging our technology to foster understanding and reconciliation between parents and teenagers. Through innovative solutions, they facilitated communication, bridging the generational gap and nurturing healthier relationships. With our support, Parenteen spearheaded a transformative movement, empowering families.

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Growing Together

Empowering Growth: Our Journey with Startups" 

Energreen Solutions Africa partners with startups, providing tailored IT solutions and unwavering support to foster innovation and scalability, shaping the future of entrepreneurship in Africa and driving economic growth.

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Benefits & More 

Solutions focused on The IT needs of Start Ups


Outstanding Customer Service, We install our remote support software & take responsibility for managing your computer infrastructure. This is the Energreen Advantage!


Single Point Of                    Service; Does dealing with your internet, email, web hosting & software vendors feel like an unpleasant game of ping pong. At Energreen, everything is our problem. We deal with your technical vendors on your behalf.


Affordable Expertise; By sharing our team of experts, you get your very own IT department at a fraction of having internal resources & gain access to higher levels of expertise.

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Our Team

Our Smart Brains

Carrington Nyawo

Carrington Nyawo, visionary leader of Energreen Solutions Africa, drives innovation and empowers small businesses with a wealth of IT expertise and a commitment to digital transformation.His strategic vision and dedication to excellence propel Energreen towards greater heights of success and impact.

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Edah Masakwa

Edah, our operations manager, orchestrates seamless execution and efficiency at Energreen Solutions Africa, ensuring exceptional results and exceeding client expectations with her keen eye for detail and exceptional organizational skills.

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Aisher Chakwizira

Aisher, our Head of Support at Energreen Solutions Africa, delivers unparalleled customer service with a passion for satisfaction and a commitment to excellence, fostering strong relationships and driving success through proactive support and personalized solutions.

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